My Journey Of Self Portraits

Dont Stop keep going

Art is key to the soul

Dream Big

ALL pictures taken are self portraits

ALL Based in New York City

ALL photos with meaning


	<p style= I'm Alexa Bernal and I live for photography, and art. I was entrigued through self poratraits and some photographers who did interesting and unique work such as Franchesca Woodman, Vivian Maier, and Diane Arbus All were women photographers who would self portrait themselves in their own way with a messages. Through their images taken you can see each one was trying to find their identity. Each photographer shared similar ideas and portrayed a message within the photo.

Below are examples of women photographers from different eras and each shared the same love for photography and art. These woman photographers were influential in my self portraits because it taught me positioning, meaning, and lighting for my images. They also taugh me uniqueness and differenciating myself from the larger crowd with my photos.

I started my own journey of self portraits, and used these women photographers as a reference to all my images. This was helpful in many cases because someone like myself who is newly learning, and needs more depth on creativity used in self portraits it helped me a lot learning from these past photographers because art can be portrayed in different atmospheres and forms.